Get the right gear

We'll cover the right running shoes in a future blog, for now we'll focus on socks and shorts with help from our friends at

Running socks

The importance of good running socks cannot be stressed enough. Your feet will thank you for it. Buy some decent running socks that are seamless and have been designed to wick away moisture and sweat from the foot. These can help massively in reducing friction and with the prevention of blisters.

Look for socks with more padding in certain areas to aid the shoes in cushioning. Some socks are designed to be left and right specific, so look out for these and wear them on the correct feet!

Running shorts

Running shorts should be comfortable, lightweight and have the ability to wick away sweat when you train. Most running shorts come with a pant liner so you don’t have to wear anything else with them. Try them on first, as some of the inners can be a little restrictive and chafe if you don’t get the right size.

Most shorts come with elastic waist bands, but it is worth paying a little extra to get a drawstring as well, so you can tie the shorts to your specification. Elastic-only shorts often move down a little, especially in wet conditions. Your shorts shouldn’t be so tight that they cut off circulation round your waist but not so loose that they flap around all the time either. Ideally buy some shorts that have a small zipped pocket where you can safely store a key or even emergency cash.

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