WhyRun? Track it and feel great

One of the best tips I was told early on was to track my runs, even though I had just started with the couchto5k app.

It was brilliant, the sense of achievement when looking back at what I had just achieved was inspiring and a bit of self-congratulations always helps.

During those low moments of motivation or when I had forgotten my WhyRun? Being able to look at what I had achieved gave a real sense of accomplishment.

It was great to see that I was going further each time I went out and I as I started to master 5k that those times were slowly coming down.

My personal favourite is Strava, I love that it pings instantly on your phone, I love that it tells you how your runs are progressing and the segments feature really helps to keep you going when maybe the whole run wasn’t a massive improvement.

So, remember your WhyRun? Get out and track what you doing, you’ll feel great.

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