Why Run? Starting the journey with Couch to 5k

We all start running for different reasons, for me it was the desire to get fitter.  I was fed up getting out of breath and sweaty walking to appointments around Central London.

The beauty of running is the ease of starting, no gym, no pressure, no judging eyes (having been in a gym recently this actually isn't a problem, but hey, who knew?) Basically a pair of half decent trainers and in my case a football kit and your good to go.

I started With a couch to 5k app and I would recommend that to any beginners. You start with a mixture of walking and running slowly building up to that magical first 5k run.  We all get better at different paces and the great thing about these apps is you can repeat days or weeks until you nail it and can move on to the next day or week.

Let me know what inspired you and why you run in the comments below.

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